Bansyo Co., Ltd. was founded in 1990 by my father. My father has dedicated his life to peddling and delivering beautiful traditional Japanese fabrics to customers all over Japan. One of the fabrics that can be said to be the origin of Bansho is "Bingo Kasuri," one of the three major kasuri fabrics in Japan. Kasuri is a textile that is woven through dozens of processes over a period of three months or more. In the past, this was the only way to produce the pattern, and so it was distributed as a common fabric for the general public. However, times have changed, and even though this amount of time and effort is put into making kasuri fabric, it can no longer be treated in the same way as the latest machine-woven fabrics. Bingo kasuri was in decline, and by the time I took over the company, there were only two weaving companies left. Would it just disappear like that? My passion for Bingo kasuri grew stronger day by day.

The charm of Bingo kasuri is not only in its patterns. The most important feature of Bingo kasuri is its warm and rustic texture, which is similar to that of hand-woven fabrics, even though it is woven by machine. This texture is created by an old-style shuttle loom made in the 1960s. In the spacious wooden factory, fabrics are slowly woven with a loud clang-clang sound. Bingo Setsubori" is a reworking of this fascinating fabric, which has been handed down from generation to generation by the weavers, from Bansho's unique perspective to suit the modern age. We have tried to create a brand that does not burden the weaver while maintaining the excellent technique and quality. This is the birth of a brand of fabrics that we hope you will try and continue to use for a long time to come.

We would like to propose to our customers all over the world the wonderful fabrics from various parts of Japan, which are quietly disappearing due to decreasing demand, and leave them for future generations, even though we are only doing our small part. We plan to increase the number of fabrics we handle little by little. We will continue to follow my father's footsteps as we work hard. so that everyone will say, "I would like to use the fabrics proposed by Bansyo.

Kojiro Kobayashi