Wearing Indigo Kasuri for farm work

It has been a while since I have introduced a customer's work.

This time, I received a review of a very nice jacket made by an American customer who loves Japanese indigo fabrics!
The pattern used is a hand-dyed indigo-dyed kasuri called "Han-kasuri".

When we received the photo, we thought it was interesting that the pattern was designed horizontally, like a border, instead of running vertically.

The 100cm width of the fabric makes it easy to do this kind of thing, which I think is one of the best things about wide width fabrics. The collar is also fashionable and high point is that the collar is cut back in a vertical direction!

The fact that the scene of use is during blueberry harvesting work is also very foreign.
However, it may be natural to say that the kasuri was originally worn as a monpé for farm work.

We would be happy if you could use it more and more in these situations.


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