We accept face-to-face sales in person at our office.

The pandemic of the past few years is over and many international customers are visiting Japan.
So I will resume face-to-face sales.

I am the sole operator of our company.
Therefore, it has been difficult to prepare for face-to-face sales.
One of the reasons is that I am finally ready to welcome our international customers.

In addition, for the past few years, I have received requests from many customers to come and see the fabrics in person.
It is true that fabrics cannot be fully conveyed through images and descriptions.
That being the case, I decided to allow our online store customers and those who were hesitant to buy online to actually touch and feel the fabrics.

Currently, I operate in Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture, in the form of an office and fabric warehouse.
It is located close to the Bikan Historical Quarter, a historic sightseeing spot.

In principle, I accept reservations only, but please feel free to visit me.
Payment can be made by cash or credit card.

To make a reservation, please contact me and let us know your preferred date and time.

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