Tucked skirt with indigo check pattern

Here is a tucked skirt tailored by a customer.

My customer said "I don't usually wear skirts, but since I could get my hands on some cute fabrics, I decided to give it a try." 

I am very happy to hear that.
You can see the pattern in the photo below, and it is a skirt with lots of tucks.

She also shared her impressions after actually making the pattern.
"I found this cute pattern online, printed it out and used it. I found the pattern online and printed it out, but the instructions were very vague, so I was confused. Especially the tucked part. But I managed to finish it and I'm very happy with it."

I think the tucks are very cute, as well as the belt and the wooden buttons.

The fabric used this time is "Futasuji-Koushi," an indigo dyed and persimmon dyed fabric with a bold tek pattern.
The tucked skirt has an appealing silhouette and comfort.
I think this fabric is very suitable for this design.

It is a regular fabric, so it can be worn in any season.
Even in midsummer, it is light and comfortable and does not stick to the skin, and even though it is not that thick, it can be worn warmly in winter.

For some reason, this fabric is often used for pants, skirts, and other bottoms by many customers.
Please try it!


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