This is how weft yarns are made on a shuttle loom

As you all know, warp and weft yarns are woven together to form a single piece of fabric.

All of our fabrics are woven on an old-type low-speed loom called a shuttle loom.
The word "shuttle" also means weft, and the shuttle moves from right to left between the warp threads on the loom, and then folds back and forth from left to right, gradually becoming cloth.

↑This is the shuttle.

A wooden tube called a bobbin with a weft thread wound around it is attached to this shuttle.

↑This is the bobbin.


The thread is wound by an old-fashioned machine.
It is a simple but interesting movement.


Wefts made in this way are placed on a shuttle, and many, many wefts are exchanged to complete the cloth.

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