The process of the warping in a factory with a 100-year history

In the old days, Bingo-kasuri was basically a division of labor by process, with specialized companies scattered throughout the region.
Unfortunately, due to the decrease in demand for western-style clothing, the places that specialized in a single process were gradually eliminated.

Nowadays, one factory is forced to carry out the entire process, and the amount of labor and time required is truly immeasurable.

One of the most important processes in making fabric is warping.
This is literally the process of preparing the warp threads, and it takes several steps to complete the warp threads.

Let's take a step-by-step look at how warp threads are made!


First, the thread is wound around a circular machine like a wheel, called a repeater, and a bobbin is made from the thread. (The photo below shows a bobbin.)







The bobbin is then set in the warping machine as shown in the photo.
At this time, the number of threads is calculated according to the width of the fabric. This alone sounds like a lot of work...


This opportunity automatically collects the set thread in one place and shapes it.
It cannot be neglected just because it is automatic, as the bobbin must be replenished when the thread runs out.


The shaped yarn is now wound onto a large drum.
I can already imagine the finished weave...beautiful.


The warp is transferred from the drum to the loom, and we're done!


And, well, we have roughly introduced the process of warp production.

This amount of work needs to be done in just one process.
That is why it takes at least three months to complete the fabric.

It can be said that the more time it takes, the higher quality fabric is produced.

See you soon!

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