The most impressive indigo patchwork quilt

Indigo Dyed Patchwork Quilt

Today I have a customer's amazing patchwork quilt to share with you!
It is a stunning piece of work that is sure to catch your eye.



 The Creator's Voice

Having purchased these fabrics, I couldn't pass up this creative opportunity. Inspired by the sofa, I created this piece to explore the idea of lounging.

Nothing inspires me more than purposeful fabrics made with so much love and care. This tactile patchwork .... is made with high quality Japanese fabrics and a kasuri that looks like a storm. I had no qualms at all about hand sewing with indigo stitching thread.

I love this quilt for relaxing on the sofa, soft as grass.
Being able to patchwork this intricate pattern has given me endless discoveries.

The customer has a very creative sensibility, and every word he says shows his sense of style. The quilting was done by hand using indigo stitching thread, and no effort was spared.


This customer's example may be a little too advanced, but even if you don't have this level of skill, a simple patched quilt can bring out the best of this material.
I think the quality of this material can be used in a simple patched quilt without this level of skill.

You can get an original value that you can't buy on the market.

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