Stripes fabric with Japanese green tea-leaf.

The thick stripe pattern that was widely used in the Meiji and Edo periods is sometimes called futon stripes.
As the name suggests, many of you may have seen these stripes used on futons at least once.

Inspired by this classic stripe, "multicolor futo stripe" was created.
The pattern is just like the futon stripes and brings a sense of nostalgia.

Take a look at the stripes. You can see brown and light green.
The brown is persimmon tannin dyed, but the green is a rare tea dyeing!


Isn't the combination of the beautiful green extracted from tea leaves and persimmon tannin tea very beautiful?
In the old days, futon stripes also had a standard thick stripe consisting of two colors like this.
In the past, it was only about 35 cm wide, but this one is 120 cm wide, making it easy to use.

Production will end as soon as the stock runs out, so please be sure to order as soon as possible.


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