Stand collar shirt of Katsuo-shima


There are many designs when it comes to shirts, but this time the customer chose a stand collar shirt.
Many customers purchase fabrics and make shirts with stand collars, but the overwhelming majority prefer stand collars.
I remember that I used to make original shirts with stand collars.

I think that is why the texture of indigo-dyed cotton and this design go so well together.
The design is somewhat chic, the collar looks clear, and even though it is a casual shirt, it retains a certain level of elegance.
Even without a necktie, it looks great!

And the fabric used is "Katsuo-shima(Bonito Stripe)". It is a very chic indigo-dyed stripe with a classic pattern.
It is said that this name was given because it looks like the belly of a bonito, gradating from darker to lighter colors.
It is not an exaggeration to say that this fabric is for shirts in terms of thickness and texture.
It has a really pleasant feel and should come in handy.

Please compare it with "Futo katsuo-shima(Thick Bonito Stripe)" which has different thickness of stripes.

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