Soko-toshi(Threading heddles) on shuttle loom

The tool that moves the warp threads up and down on the loom is called "Soko"(heddle).
After one piece of fabric has been woven, the warp threads of the previous piece of fabric and the warp threads of the new piece of fabric must be threaded through this heddle.

This process is literally called "Soko-toshi"(threading through the heddles).

Soko-toshi is done entirely by hand. The number of warps is as many as 1,400!

A skilled craftsman can complete this process in about two hours.
The threads are threaded one by one through a special tool with a hook attached to the needle, and it is truly a tedious and tedious process.

It is really a daunting task. It is the craftsmen who can perform such a simple (pardon the pun!) task with ease that make it possible to weave such wonderful fabrics so quickly!

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