Sashiko fabric with hemp lear pattern

I sell several types of sashiko fabrics already, and I have just started selling a new sashiko fabric with a hemp leaf pattern.

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But First, let's touch on some basic information about Sashiko fabrics.


What is Sashiko fabric?

"Sashiko" was originally a technique of stitching fabric by hand to make it thicker, stronger, and warmer.

Sashiko weaving is a technique of stitching and sewing by machine while weaving the cloth.

Like hand stitching, the warp threads float to create an uneven pattern, and diamond patterns and geometric patterns can also be woven by machine.

The process of machine weaving is so time-consuming and labor-intensive that it cannot be simply described as machine weaving. The weaving process begins with setting the threads on the loom, and the machine is adjusted according to the temperature and humidity at the time, and the fabric is slowly woven.


What is it used for?

Typical examples are judo and kendo uniforms.

Since they are very strong fabrics, they do not easily tear even when subjected to the force of pulling by the collar in judo, or when hit by shinai (bamboo swords) in kendo.
Because of its unique fabric with an uneven texture, it has been used frequently in fashion and miscellaneous goods in recent years.


I hope you now have a rough idea of the details of Sashiko fabrics.


By the way the Japanese hemp leaf pattern is a geometric pattern consisting of horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines based on regular hexagons.

It has long been considered a very auspicious pattern in Japan, and is associated with wishes for the healthy growth of children, safe delivery, and growth. It is also meant to ward off evil.

I started out with two color schemes, white and black.



Buy sashiori ecru with hemp leaf pattern 



Thanks to your support, the black version sold out quickly, but I plan to resell it around the end of May.

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