Reupholstering a sofa with indigo-dyed fabric


Here are some of our wonderful customers' work.

They did a sofa upholstery  in indigo dyed fabric.
I am  amazed at this high quality from a private customer. This "Hakeme" fabric is thick and suitable for reupholstering sofas and chairs. Moreover, the unevenness of the fabric is very comfortable when it touches the skin.

Since the indigo dye has been washed out to some extent, color migration is unlikely to occur unless the fabric is subjected to extremely heavy friction. (This does not mean that color migration will not occur at all.)

The pattern is navy blue and white, which is the standard and most compatible. The design is somewhere between stripes and kasuri, and from a distance, the white looks like it has been grazed, making it truly beautiful.

I personally recommend this fabric!

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