Restock of the most standard indigo dark blue.

The most basic product number of Bingo-Fushiori, "Fushiori Dark Blue," is now in stock.
It is a standard plain weave, 120 cm in length.

This fabric is dyed in a beautiful dark indigo color that is worthy of the name "Japan Blue".
It can be tailored into various items regardless of the season.
Our customers are actually using it for this purpose.

  • Blouses, tunics, dresses, skirts, pajamas, working wear
  • Tablecloths and other interior decorations
  • Cushion covers, blankets
  • Sashiko, quilting

Bingo-Fushiori's indigo dyeing is called "wari-date", which is a mix of real indigo and indigo dye.
The color migration is much less likely to occur than with 100% indigo dyeing, so the fabric can be used roughly to some extent.

Moreover, since it is one-washed, there is no need for customers to wash it before tailoring.

We think this fabric is easy to handle even for beginners.
Please take a look.

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