Restock of Matsusaka Cotton

 Matsusaka cotton fabrics, which have been processed (washed), have returned to our company one after another.The indigo color is really beautiful when seen side by side like this.


"Masu-koushi" is an indigo-dyed lattice pattern in two shades of color with a very pretty atmosphere.


Next, here is another plaid pattern. This is the finest patterned "Mijin-koushi", which is easy to match with anything.


The last one is the popular "Midare Yatara. This pattern is a modern interpretation of the classic pattern called "yatara-shima.


And, there is a new one!
This is the indigo-dyed stripe! A simple stripe pattern. The name is "Gobo-shima(burdock stripes)".


The fine stripes that form the basis of Matsusaka cotton are great on their own or with plain fabrics.
These are the items in stock this time. Please check them out!

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