Restock item in January

The popular kasuri pattern that has been out of stock for a long time is finally back in stock the other day!
I would like to introduce it in detail, including the fabric details.

The "Kawari-yakasuri" is one of the prettiest kasuri patterns and is especially popular among women.

This is the first time in two years that I have restocked this item.
Compared to plain and striped fabrics, it takes about twice as long to complete a kasuri because of the many processes involved.
In addition, wholesalers have been busy with orders, so it has taken us a long time to get this far....

In the meantime, I have had many customers inquiring about the timing of restocking this katakasuri.
I have a large stock of this item in stock, so please take advantage of it while you can.

Old Arrow-kasuri

This pattern features a pop-up version of the arrow-kaasuri pattern, which has been known as a lucky pattern in Japan since ancient times, on an indigo-dyed dark blue background.
Generally, the arrow-kasuri pattern is recognized as a traditional graduation hakama pattern for female students.
Purple, pink and red are the most common colors for graduation ceremonies held in spring.


Arranged for Clothing

This pattern was arranged for use in clothing and interior decorations.
Smaller two-color arrow-shaped kasuri are scattered throughout the 100cm width of the fabric.
The undyed, raw-colored kasuri and the other color, indigo kasuri, are dyed using a technique called "Ai-gaeshi".

Ai-gaeshi refers to repetitive dyeing, a dyeing method in which a pattern is dyed over once and then dyed again to express a different color of indigo on top of the indigo.

What do you recommend it for?

This is the only pattern that pops and is contemporary in design, even though most kasuri patterns have a simple, classic feel.

The texture is wonderful, and the fabric has a good thickness that can be used in any season.
It may be good to tailor it into loungewear or pajamas.
Some customers use it as cushions, pillowcases, or curtains because it creates a bright atmosphere in a room.

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