Pomegranate-dyed dungaree fabric

Introducing a new color, "Shimofuri-pomegranate," from our standard and long-selling "Shimofuri" line!

It is a little brighter than the existing "Kakishibu" and is a color you don't see very often.
This fabric was developed with a hint of twill weave fabric called "dungaree" and has the following wonderful characteristics.


Characteristics of Shimofuri

  1. Thick,durable and lightweight

  2. Deep color irregularity

  3. Aging is wonderful

  4. No need to worry about handling


Specific detailes

  1. Dungaree was originally developed for workwear, so it is very durable. It is also softer and lighter than denim, making it easy to wear

  2. The warp and weft are colored differently, resulting in a deep, uneven coloring. The color may look slightly different depending on the angle of view.

  3. The warp is made of naturally dyed pomegranate and the weft is indigo-dyed. Both of these fabrics develop their own unique flavor as they are used, and age wonderfully.

  4. Although the dyeing is natural, it can be used and washed as vigorously as regular cotton. However, it is recommended to wash it separately in consideration of color migration.


Don't you think the unevenness is exquisite?

The yellow color looks stronger when viewed vertically, and the dark blue color looks stronger when viewed horizontally.

Recommended for long pants, jackets, interior decorations, etc.

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