Our indigo sashiko fabric

Textiles made by imitating patterns expressed by stitching are called Sashiko-ori (or Sashi-ori).
Many of you may know it as the fabric used for judo uniforms and the like.

Originally, it was developed to make the cloth thicker so that it could be used as a single piece for warmth.

Among the stitch weave fabrics, judo gi is hard and cannot be sewn with a household sewing machine because it uses extra-thick threads. However, Bingo-Fushiori's Sashiori is made for clothing, so the material has been improved to be soft and easy to handle.

After all, Sashiori is characterized by its unique grain-like unevenness.

This cannot be woven on a shuttle loom. He uses a dobby loom, which can weave complicated patterns.

The warp threads are raised and lowered by the heddles (the frame through which the warp threads pass), which are equipped with a dobby device that controls the warp threads.

The size of the grains can be changed, but the grains are not too fine or too large, and are just the right size for a good touch.
The weight is about 400 g/m, which is not too heavy.

It is a beautiful dark blue color with a vintage feel and ages wonderfully as it is used.
It is also popular among our overseas customers, and is tailored into outerwear and pants.


Some of our customers have made such cool caps!


It is a material that retains heat, is durable, and can be used for a long time.
I personally love this fabric, and I would be happy if you could hold it in your hands.

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