Mensya-bunjin(cotton crepe)

The days are getting warmer and warmer, or rather, hotter and hotter here in Japan.
We have restocked fabrics that are perfect for the coming season.

Mensya-bunjin dark blue



A type of raw fabric. The weave is extremely coarse, light, and thin. It is used for summer coats and mosquito nets."


As stated, it is a fluffy and light fabric that seems to be made for the hot season.



This type of fabric, also called crepe, is made of high-twisted yarn and is stretchy and pleasant to the touch.
Bunjin" refers to the name of the finest pattern in kasuri.

Weighing only 130 g(4.5 oz) per 1m length, it is really light and can be worn as a stole, camisole, or wrapped around the head like a turban!

I sometimes hear from handmade lovers, "It's too hot in midsummer, so I want to avoid cotton as much as possible. But with this fabric, that problem seems to be solved.

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