Introduction of Japanese fabric production areas. (Awa-seersucker)

About Awa Shijira-ori

Awa Shijira-ori is a cotton textile produced in an area called Awa, an old province of Japan in the area that is known today as the Tokushima Prefecture on the island of Shikoku.

Awa Shijira-ori was developed through an accidental discovery made by Hana Kaifu, a weaver from Awa-Atake Village during the Meiji Restoration. After stripped cotton clothes became wet in a sudden rain storm, Hana took the fabric and let it dry in the strong summer sun. When the fabric was dried, unique fine wrinkles appeared to the surface of the fabric.

The fine wrinkles created by differences in the tension of the wrap threads give Awa Shijira-ori an unique uneven texture. It allows air to pass through and one can stay cool while wearing it. Not only is it comfortable to wear, but the fabric also looks light and summery. 


The cotton cloth is carefully folded and dipped in 75℃ water and dried in the sun to create the fine wrinkles and patterns called shibo. Shibo gives a lightness to the fabric and prevents the fabric from sticking to the skin when sweating. The cotton fabric is also highly absorbent and it is an ideal fabric to wear during the hot muggy summer. Our collection of Awa Shijira-ori consists of mostly plain non-patterned designs which can be used for clothes and household goods.

Textile Manufacturer

Nagao Orifu

Established in 1897.

The company originally started as a manufacturer of mostly plain white shijira weaves often used for monks’ undergarments. After the national cotton production restriction was lifted in 1951, Nagao Orifu started manufacturing cotton fabrics of various colors and patterns. The company takes great pride in the high quality of their fabric, and the entire manufacturing process from dyeing to weaving to finishing is done in-house, at their manufacturing facility in Tokushima.

Recommended Uses

Awa Shijira-ori’s unique airy and light quality can be most enjoyed where the fabric is in direct contact with skin. We recommend Awa Shijira-ori to be used for clothing such as pajamas, shirts and workwears. Due to its wide width, it also can be used for futon or duvet covers. 


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