How to wash and care for Matsusaka cotton


Matsusaka cotton is dyed with pure indigo.
There are some precautions for washing and handling, so I would like to explain them briefly.

First of all, the fabrics are delivered after being cleaned (washed and desized).
Therefore, the indigo dye color has been removed to some extent, and since it is made of cotton, there is some shrinkage.
The standard width of the fabric is 40 cm, but after washing, the width may be 38 to 39 cm.
Please understand this point in advance.

Regarding color fading, it takes some time for the color of the indigo dye to set.
Although the garment is one-washed, there is a possibility that the color will fade with strong friction when using the garment.
Denim will fade little by little as it is used. We hope you can think of it as the same phenomenon. Rather, enjoy the color fading! We would be happy if you could look at it from a long term perspective, as if you are going to enjoy the color fading.
If you want to prevent color fading as much as possible, please wash the garment 2 or 3 times by yourself, and the color will gradually fade.

Next, as for washing, you can use the washing machine.
However, I recommend that you wash the garment by itself to avoid color migration.
Please use water or lukewarm water. Bleach is not recommended.

In the beginning, the color will fade a little each time it is washed. As you can easily imagine, the darker the color of the fabric, the more the color will fade.

Lastly, to prevent the color from being burned by direct sunlight, please dry the garment in the shade after stretching it properly.

These are the simple instructions for handling.
Please enjoy the beautiful indigo color change over time.


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