Fabric inspection of Bingo-Fushiori

After the fabric is woven, there is a process of inspection in which the fabric is checked for scratches, missing yarns, and stains.
This is a simple but very important process that takes place between weaving and washing.

Since Bingo-Fushiori is woven on an old-fashioned shuttle loom, it is honestly more prone to defects than the high-speed looms of recent years.
In order to prevent such defects from being passed on to the customer, the fabric is carefully checked by stretching it over a special stand and illuminating it with a light. (Photo: "Taki Kasuri")


There are rare cases in which a single roll (about 30 meters) is completely free of flaws, but most of the time, there are two or three flaws.
Scratches and missing threads are marked prominently in red and delivered to the washing factory.


The production volume of one pattern of Bingo-Fushiori is about 250m at a time, so the craftsmen take their time to check this huge quantity.
It is really a daunting task...


Of course, every production center inspects the weaving process, but Bingo-Fushiori takes a lot of space and time because of its wide width.
(Photo: "Minjin-stripes")


Only after passing through these rigorous inspections can the fabric be sent to the next stage of washing.
We are always ready to provide fabrics in the best condition so that our customers can be truly satisfied.

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