Cotton linen fabric with the best texture

We have just finished weaving a cotton linen fabric with the best touch.

It is a thinner version of our existing "Shimofuri”, made of cotton and linen (50% cotton/50% linen blend). The name of the fabric is "Cotton hemp shimofuri".
I had expected that the fabric would be absolutely great at the planning stage, but when I actually touched it, I am surprised to find that the texture far exceeded our expectations.

It is lightweight, of course, but it is also fluffy while retaining some of the roughness of hemp, which is the best touch among Bingo Setsubori fabrics. The dark indigo color is very beautiful, just like Japanese indigo dyeing.
It may sound a bit clichéd, but it is a really good fabric, and we would like you to hold it in your hands.

You can buy it from 50cm in the net store. Highly recommended!

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