Cotton crepe of natural madder dye

"Fuuai Akane" is dyed using a natural dye stuff.
Also, as the name implies, "hard-twist yarn" is used, which is a highly twisted yarn with elasticity.
Plain weave fabric woven with this high-twist yarn is sometimes called "youryu".

The advantages of using this high-twist yarn are

  • Thin and cool
  • It does not stick to the skin.
  • Lightweight
  • Highly absorbent and quick-drying
  • Breathable
  • Natural wrinkless accentuate


The following are some of the advantages of this fabric.

By pre-dyeing before dyeing with Akane, the coloring improves and a beautiful pink color is achieved.

The process of "warping," which is the preparation before weaving the fabric.

You can see how the hard-twisted yarn shrinks.

It is a very stretchy yarn, isn't it?

Since it is thin and light, I still recommend it for clothing.
It is best suited for Yangyanagi pants, pajamas, shirts, blouses, and one-piece dresses.

Please try its light and comfortable feeling.

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