Classic yet innovative kasuri fabric

I have received a very precious and rare indigo-dyed kasuri fabric from the weaver.
Most of you have probably never seen such a kasuri before.

Today, I would like to introduce the story behind its development and some examples of its use.


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9 types of ichimatsu (checkered) connections

The visual impact is amazing.
There are nine different checkerboard patterns, large and small, folded into various places.
Basically, the pattern is white kasuri, but in the center of the pattern, there is a technique called "ai-gaeshi," in which indigo is added on top of the white kasuri.



What is a ichimatsu (checkered) pattern?

The name Ichimatsu is said to have come from the Japanese Edo period kabuki actor Ichimatsu Sanokawa.
He was a popular actor at the time and always wore a hakama with a pattern of white and navy blue in different colors on stage.

The ichimatsu pattern is said to mean prosperity because the pattern continues without interruption.
It is a popular pattern that is still used today as a pattern of good omen for prosperity of descendants and business.


Why was this fabric made?

Bingo-Fushiori (Bingo Kasuri) is a wide cloth of about 100 cm.
When making wide width kasuri, the pattern can only be shifted vertically, so only square or bar-shaped kasuri can be woven.

So it is impossible to weave round or complicated patterns.

On the other hand, small width fabrics (about 40 cm) called Kurume kasuri can be woven with complex patterns.

The Bingo kasuri design tends to be rather dull, but this kasuri was thought of as a way to make it more innovative.
One type of checkerboard is simple, but wouldn't it be gorgeous to have checkerboards of various shapes scattered throughout a 100cm width?

Hats off to the craftsmen who are always on the lookout for new ideas, and are constantly experimenting.


Here are some examples of use

Because of its strong impact at first glance, many people may be at a loss as to what to use it for.
However, there are many items that go well with it, such as skirts, pants, and blouses that can be worn softly.



Sorry the picture is so dark, but it matches well with the plain top.
It is not that flashy when made into an item rather than just looking at the fabric.


This is a blouse without buttons and worn over the head.

Furthermore, this fabric can be cut by pattern and used for various accessories.
This is a big advantage not found in other fabrics, so we hope you will give it a try.


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